Aug 31, 2016

mere puppet in God's hands
oh wait,in people's hands
they move the strings right
and I move right
they move the strings left
and I move left
can I dare move on my own?
what audacity! they cry and frown
how can a puppet
that has lived a life of a puppet
dare to speak
just stay meek
lie low
go with the flow
but one day it shall slowly rise
and so high that it will be no surprise
for the ruthless puppeteers
will be  in tears.

Jul 8, 2016

A: What is your problem?
B: What is your problem?
A: You don't seem to be helping me.
B: You don't seem to understand me.
A: Of course I  do
B: Then why are you questioning my loyalty?
A: You seem to be just standing behind me and watching me struggle.
B: Of course not.
   Alas, at least you acknowledge that I am standing behind you.

Apr 25, 2014

Time and Space Matter
People and Place Matter
Mind with Matter
Over mindless banter

Often people flatter
Mindless clueless chatter
Please clear the clutter
Wings of thought flutter

Why do you even utter
a word or two to mutter
Far away to loiter
Just mindless banter

Definitely not a canter
When not an enchanter
Better to be scanter
Than an annoying ranter.

May 8, 2013

Its right here
But whats the emptiness
You have all you want
But why the emptiness
You know no one's perfect
But this emptiness
You know you are blessed
But still this emptiness
Surrounded by people who care
But persisting is this emptiness.

Lanky stature
Strong views
Dusky hues
Deep eyes
Prominent nose
staggered teeth
Wheels on his feet
Eyeing the stars
Conquering the peaks
Vagabond by chance
Traveller by choice
Works with his heart
Never by the book
Loyalty his rook
Known rarely to be on time
Hardly crosses the line
His wicked wit
Has everyone in a split
Hunts and devours books
A ladies'man, thanks to his looks
Letters and words,his special flair
Knows to share and always care
A beautiful human,no despair
Has patience aplenty to spare
Over the years you have been so true
Thanks for being just you
My dear friend Wish-knew!!